The indescribable is…

Many things go without saying,
and some, instead, are spoken.
This thought is stray,
that I have written:
Every mind is half a person.

When you step past the wall of illusion,
beyond the colorful world of reality,
and feel the drop of a soul
flowing through your vains,
that is when you’ll know
the indescribable.

The indescribable is love,
L, is for the laughter I give to you every day.
O, is for the options we’ll have when were together
knowing our love couldn’t get any better.
V, is for the visions I have of you,
those Beautiful Hands.
E, Is for everything that’s true I’ve ever said.

When I close my eyes I see your pretty face
When I open them up I just stare into space
Since the day we met your face just gleams
I see you everywhere even in my dreams.

Anderson Park


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